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Now Offering Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) in Healthcare Settings

If you’re in need of an interpreter, but are having a hard time finding someone to come on site, then maybe a video remote interpreter is the solution.  Here at Spot On Interpreting, we provide video remote interpreting in Spanish and

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Trump Hit On Deaf Star Marlee Matlin Via Sign Language Interpreter

Yet another account of how Donald Trump is unfit to be president.  He reportedly hit on Deaf actress Marlee Matlin via her interpreter when she appeared on “The Apprentice.” If Trump gets elected, those UN interpreters better start studying how to

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Neighborhood Learns Sign Language For One Man

A whole town learns Sign Language and surprises one Turkish man by interacting with him during his daily routine…when he finds out that the language barrier has been removed just for him, he breaks down into tears. Anytime you’d like

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Who Needs Sign Language Interpreters When You’ve Got Your Tongue!

Researchers at Colorado State University are hoping to be able to train your tongue to hear.  Researchers say that this would be an inexpensive substitute for the cochlear implant, which is not suitable for everyone who is Deaf or has

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Deaf Man Helps Neighbors Escape Fire

Posted: Nov 28, 2014 12:24 AM EST By Estephany Escoba WACO –A deaf man may have saved the lives of his neighbors in an apartment fire on Wednesday. A fire destroyed a four-unit apartment building in the 1900 block of Morrow

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Deaf Seahawk Gives Up First Class Seat For Marine

Derrick Coleman, a deaf professional football player for the defending champs, the Seattle Seahawks, was recently on a flight when he saw a marine boarding and decided to give him his first class seat as a show of appreciation. Derrick

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Microsoft Adds Interpreting To Skype

Microsoft adds almost real-time interpretation to Skype which allows users of different languages to speak to each other in their own native language while Skype interprets it into their own language.  While it’s not perfect it’s still a big step towards

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